Facts About The Fair

Exhibit Info - Showcasing Our Community

The Pensacola Interstate Fair, Inc. provides facilities for the Agricultural, Educational, Scientific, Livestock, Cultural, Commercial and Industrial resources of surrounding counties and states. The Pensacola Interstate Fair attracts and receives exhibits and participants from all over the country. PROGRESS THROUGH EDUCATION has been the central theme of the FAIR from the beginning.

Interested in Entering an Exhibit?

We are thrilled that you are interested in participating in the Pensacola Interstate Fair!  We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get involved! 


To get started, choose an exhibit from the list below and the steps will be explained.  If you have any additional questions, please call the main office and we will be glad to help you out (850-944-4500). No entry fee or space rental will be charged for any exhibit.

Entry Rules, Guidelines & Awards

All information, including the names of exhibit Chairpersons, exhibit entry procedures and display guidelines, contact information and premium awards for each exhibit, can be found below. 


Choose from the categories below to see specific info for each exhibit.

Scholarship Opportunities For Exhibit Participants

Each year, the Fair offers a scholarship opportunity to students who have in some way participated in the Fair.

Find out all the details by clicking below!



If you have any additional questions regarding the scholarship program, you can also call the main office and we will be glad to help you out (850-944-4500).

  • The Pensacola Interstate Fair is a licensed business operating 365 days a year and serves the useful purpose of providing the facilities for the developing of the Agricultural, Educational, Scientific, Livestock, Cultural and Commercial resources of the community and surrounding area.
  • Every year the Pensacola Interstate Fair generates over $8 million dollars of consumer spending in the the local economy and is proud to be a major part of Pensacola’s economy.
  • 80% of the over $2.5 million dollar Fair’s budget is spent and stays in our local economy.
  • The Fair operates SOLELY and ONLY through the funds derived from it’s annual FAIR. It does not receive any subsidy or any financial aid from any source, CITY, COUNTY, STATE, FEDERAL OR BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS.
  • The Pensacola Interstate Fair generates over 300 jobs each year for our local economy.
  • The Pensacola Interstate Fair gives $30,000 a year in scholarships to local students and has since 1983 given over $1,015,000 to more than 1,076 students to further their education. In addition, The Pensacola Interstate Fair has endowed scholarships through the Pensacola Junior College Foundation.
  • The Pensacola Interstate Fair awards over $100,000 in prize money to exhibitors every year.
  • The Pensacola Interstate Fair provides an atmosphere of entertainment and fun for the WHOLE FAMILY.
  • The Pensacola Interstate Fair provides an opportunity for local citizens to showcase their talents and hobbies each year.
  • The Pensacola Interstate Fair is actually a non-profit corporation run by a Board of Directors representing all walks of life and residential areas of Pensacola.