Ag-Venture Program

What Is Ag-Venture?

AG-Venture is a free, “hands-on” educational program designed to teach young people the importance of agriculture and “where the food comes from.”

Did you know that many young people think that their milk, eggs, and other food items originate in cartons sold in the grocery store. 

We are interested in teaching these children that the grocery store is only a part of the food process that brings the animal from the barnyard to the table.

There are several “hands-on” activities that this exhibit offers, which are listed below. Children are encouraged to come participate and then take their creations home with them!

Hands-On Activities

  • Learn How To Make Butter
  • Germinate Radish Seeds
  • Sort food into food groups
  • Construct A Water Cycle Bracelet
  • Compost making
  • Pick Apples from an Apple Tree
  • Collect Eggs from the Chicken Coop
  • Simulate Milking A Cow
  • Gather Potatoes from the Potato Patch
  • Got Germs? Ultraviolet light shows how clean your hands really are after you wash them.

Ag-Venture Volunteers Needed!

Our “AG-Venture Program needs your help! 


We are looking for service organizations, clubs, or groups of students that would be willing to sign up for a shift (or several) to work in our AG-Venture during the Fair.


This great opportunity is being offered to adults, students, clubs, or organizations so that they can earn community service hours and, more importantly, become eligible for a scholarship from the Pensacola Interstate Fair.

If you are interested, please apply online (see below) by October 1st. 

Shifts will be assigned on a first come first served basis so be sure to apply now in order to receive the shift you prefer. Confirmation will be sent to you.

Volunteers Make It Happen!

  • Anyone that is 9th grade or above is welcome to help us with our program!
  • Admission to the Fair will be paid for those participating. Participating students may come early or stay late to enjoy the Fair before or after their shift.
  • By participating in this program with a minimum of 10 hours, students will be eligible to apply for a scholarship from the Pensacola Interstate Fair. However, if you do not need to apply for the scholarship, you may volunteer for as little as one shift.
  • Shifts are in 3-4 hour increments. You may sign up for as many shifts as you would like to work, but only a certain number of workers will be approved for each time slot.
  • There will be an adult supervisor in the barn for a majority of the time you will be there. If your parents or teacher would like to come with you, we ask that they do volunteer as well.

Ready To Get Started?

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you and your students at this year’s Fair.

For AG-Venture Volunteer inquiries, contact: Natalee Brooks. You can e-mail her or call (850) 944-4500.